JD Sales Inc.ís most differentiating characteristics from other sales/services agencies include the following:

  • Strong relationships with key personnel at Menardís General Offices

  • Exclusive business to Menards

  • Personal rapport with Menardís store employees

  • Manageable number of lines that yield personal attention

  • Minimum of monthly service to every Menard store

    The following describes JD Sales involvement in these aspects of our business:

    A minimum of one monthly service visit per store (high volume stores receive multiple visits). This service includes: replenishing literature, cleaning displays, fixing displays, straightening stock, inventory of stock, checking price bin tags, repackaging damaged cartons, removal of defects, removal of discontinued product displays, updating special order catalogs, TV and video maintenance, and constant product knowledge training of team members.

    Coordinate with the manufacturer the exact shipping, arrival, and set-up dates of products and displays. Construct display. Order missing or damaged display and stock products. Install P.O.P. material. Install literature holders and stock literature. Put away stock. Deliver catalogs. Perform product knowledge training for team members. Attend the Contractor Preview Night. Attend and demonstrate products at the Grand Opening.

    Work with Menardís plan-o-grammers and analysts along with manufacturer for proposed resets. Set up prototype change at the Eau Claire West store. Gain approval from G.O. Provide manufacturer with shipping schedule. Coordinate shipping schedule with service reps in the field. Perform at least one store reset, for each type of prototype store, with each rep at a store in their territory. Require reps to complete a checklist signed by the department manager confirming the reset. The previous two steps insure a uniform and correct reset for all store formats. Follow up on any missing or damaged display components.